The Technology

Apex Logistics is taking the next step in customer service. We are proud to present Xpress suite, a tool that allows our customers to check the status of their loads in real time, tender orders and view related order documents via the internet. Apex has made a commitment to our customers to be on the leading edge of technology. At Apex, the backbone of our information system is maintained on a rock solid IBM iSeries AS/400 server running custom software developed by Innovative Computing Corp. This transportation software has been vertically integrated to include the Shop, Purchasing, Safety, Recruiting, Dispatch, Billing, Payroll, Accounting, Customer Service and our trucks. Your people can stop wrestling technology, and put the money and time saved where it's better spent: growing your business. Next-generation wireless communications is emerging as the most important technology of this millennium.

Apex incorporates the use of TMW Systems for the industry's most efficient dispatch system, the best driver management tools and the most integrated accounting system, all complemented by Maintenance, Fuel Management, Driver Acquisition, and a variety of other state-of-the-art modules.  Add a wide array of support services, and you have found your company's competitive advantage.  This better insures that we keep our lines of communication open throughout our company and terminals.  Apex in conjunction with Omni Tracs utilizes state of the art GPS and satellite communication with all the trucks, including the lease operators so that we can better track and predict problems and times of arrival for our customer.  None of our regional competitors are using this technology, or are as up to date with their technology.  All trucks are equipped with fuel management and speed monitoring systems to drive down the costs of fuel and maintenance to in turn pass the savings to our customers.  Our shops are fully equipped with the latest computer diagnostics software to fully optimize the efficiency of our trucks and better diagnose potential problems. Apex is leading the way in technology and management.  Here are a few articles as to what is going on now at Apex.