Tariff Charges

Payment Terms: Unless otherwise negotiated in writing credit terms all billing is due and payable on 15 days on invoice

Charges for services other than specifically identified on Apex Logistics, LLC rate quotes are identified below.

Accessorial Charges

A. APPLICATION shall be applied to all movements.

B. Shipments shall be accorded split pickup, diversion, split delivery and stop in transit. Said service shall be assessed a $100.00 charge for each pickup, delivery, or stop beyond one, or for each diversion. The total loaded miles through all applicable points shall be used to determine the rate for said movement. The minimum weight or total net weight for the entire shipment, whichever is greater, shall apply. There shall be a one-hour allowance for loading and unloading of each component part of the shipment. For charges beyond the free time allowance, see item "C" herein.

C. There shall be a one-hour free allowance for loading. There shall be a one-hour free allowance for unloading of net weights less than 30 tons. There shall be a two hour free allowance for unloading of net weights greater than 30 tons. Time in excess of the free time allowance shall be subject to an additional charge of $20.00 per quarter hour, or fraction thereof. A maximum of 10 hours in any 24 hour period shall be assessed standby. Thereafter item “I” herein applies.

D. Rates herein do not apply to shipments requiring dedicated equipment.

E. Google miles shall be used to determine distance between points.

F. Shipments returned to point of origin shall be done at one-half the total outbound freight charges.

G. Rates quotes do not apply to a nominal consignee.

H. Apex assume no liability beyond the value of the freight and the value of the product.

I. C.O.D. shipments shall be accepted. A $100.00 charge will be assessed for C.O.D. shipments.

J. If the carrier, through no fault of his own, is unable to effect delivery of any shipment within ten (10) hours from the scheduled delivery time, applicable standby charges shall stop, and a $250 layover charge shall be assessed. The maximum layover time shall be 12 hours. Should delivery continue to not be available 10 hours of standby charges followed by the layover charge shall continue until delivery can be completed.

K. All private property services, other than standby time, shall be assessed at $105.00 per hour, or any fraction thereof

L. All services that take the carrier upon public highways on behalf of the shipper, but do not apply to mileage or tonnage rates, shall be assessed at $120.00 per quarter hour, or any fraction thereof plus fuel surcharge.

M. Whenever a carrier is requested by the shipper, consignee, or debtor to obtain a certified weight from a public scale, or when a carrier must obtain a certified weight for billing purposes or for other legal requirements, and a charge is assessed by the public weigh master for this service, the carrier shall assess a charge equal to the amount paid to the public weigh master plus a 20% processing fee.

N.  On shipments requiring an unloading pump, said service shall be performed at no additional charge.

O. When shipper requires a trailer washout the charge will be $325.00 for a regular washout and $425.00 for a Kosher washout.

P. If the shipper requires carrier to secure a special permit for the movement of an oversized load upon the highway the charge shall be $100.00 per permit for each state that the movement is routed in.

Q. If the movement of an oversized load requires pilot cars or police escort said service shall be provided at the cost for the service plus a 20% processing fee.

R. Preloading of trailers at shippers request shall be assessed a $150.00 charge.

S. Trailers that are loaded and stored on behalf of the customer shall be charged $150.00 per day.

T. Bridge and road tolls shall be assessed at cost plus a 20% processing fee.

U. When there is no quoted rate in place charges shall be $6.00 per mile with a $800.00 minimum plus fuel surcharge per shipment.

Fuel Surcharge